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Introduction Soolepardaz Software

سوله پرداز




Description of the Soolepardaz:

This software is designed for the engineering design of all the components of an industrial frame (portal frame). Basically, many of the industrial frames (especially in private sector) used to be constructed without any engineering plan experimentally until a few years ago, bringing about many problems in terms of technical and economical point of view as well as safety, etc. Although in many cases the portal frames are still constructed empirically, in some cities or industrial towns, preparation of the executive engineering plans before construction is mandatory. Unfortunately, since that time great differences were created between the engineering structures with those of experimental leading to distrust to the engineering community, especially due to the high cost of the engineering structures. The reason should be sought in the unfamiliarity of many engineers with the plan of industrial structures, lacking enough executive and computational experience, and mere reliance on theoretical issues.

Basically, many of the components of the portal frame are designed through trial and error, i.e. an initial value is assumed for the sections by the designer and through some calculations their adequacy is studied. If the assumed section is strong, in the next try a smaller section is controlled and if it is weak, a stronger one is controlled. This cycle of trial and error should be repeated so many times that the designer attains the optimal section. For the same reason, since each time of trial was time-consuming and performed by manual calculations on paper with the use of a calculator, the designers started the trial with a conservative section and with a high coefficient of safety so that they could get an acceptable answer in the second try. For example, to design the bridge of the crane (which is often not designed by the engineers, but constructed experimentally) or to design the crane bearings, takes several hours for each trial to succeed. In most countries, the SAP-2000 Software is employed for the main structure of portal frames which is accompanied with some problems or limitations (although the process of trial and error is simple in the program).

First, the SAP-2000 does not control all the by-law regulations of Iran.

Second, tens of different designs can be presented which are acceptable from the view of engineering, but we cannot simply say which one is the best for its least consumption of materials or the minimum scarp (e.g. once a restrained foundation and once an articulated foundation is used or the boxes between the frames are increased or reduced).

Third, it is not possible to have a precise estimate of the rate of the materials used in the structure and the executive cost of the project. Also, the SAP Software only designs the main structure of the portal frame, but other parts such as foundations, fixtures, and wind bracing should be designed manually. 

In spite of the above limitations and urgent need for assistive software, we embarked on the development of portal frame software that was able to design all the sections of the portal frame of the highest quality and precision in less than 5 minutes. The inputs of the Soole Pardaz Software are the bay, height, length, slope of the ceiling, tonnage of the portal frame crane, load of the ceiling, distance between the frames, and specifications of the location of the establishment (load of the wind, snow, earthquake, and permitted stress of soil). 

Output: the software first designs the bridge of the crane. It is sufficient for the user to determine 4 values for the thickness and width of the plates of the flange and web of the bridge and clicks to observe the result in a few seconds (controls the plan of the bending and shear stress, local deflection and buckling of the bridge, and presents the computational notebook along with complete plans to obtain the weight of the bridge. The user can obtain the best design by three or four tries). Then it is the turn for the design of the bearings or sleepers of the crane which is done in a similar manner. 

SAP Software is also at the disposal of Soole Pardaz and can automatically model the portal frame and load it according to Iran by-law, section six and design it manually or automatically. In automatic state, the Soole Pardaz is responsible for trial and error and predicts weak sections for the beam and the column and in an intelligent trend it makes them so strong that the stress of the members, displacement of the portal frame, and local buckling relations are responsive. This automatic algorithm finds the answer for the portal frame in a few minutes. 

In the manual method, the user specifies the dimensions of the flange and the web for the beam and the columns and clicks so that the program transfers the dimensions to the SAP Software and assigns them to the members and after analysis and design, reports the result to the user. Therefore, the user can model a portal frame with two or three suggestions and compare their weight and cost and select the best design within a few minutes. Also, Soole Pardaz enjoys the option of reducing the plate scrap state. This means that the length and width of the plates produced in Iran or those existing in the market are introduced into the Software to include the reduction of the plate scarp in the design. As we know, a portal frame might have the least weight, but its design is not considered suitable, because its scrap is high. Therefore, the designer should consider the problem of the plate scrap in addition to the reduction of the weight of the portal frame sections; this job is performed by the Soole Pardaz. Of other advantages of this Software is the precise estimate of the plan informing the employer of the execution cost. Even sometimes we have to decide whether to use a single-bay portal frame with a bay of 30 meters or a double-bay portal frame with an bay of 15 meters to cover a portal frame ceiling with a width of 30 meters; a problem that takes several days to solve.

After the design of the portal frame, the Software embarks on the design of other components of the portal frame which are commonly designed manually and within a few seconds, designs them and presents a computation notebook and a plan for them. These components include rafters, ceiling and wall wind bracings, wind columns, portal lintel, soil stress control, portal frame tilting control, foundation uplift and slippage, adequacy control of the foundation reinforcements, design of the base plate of the columns, anchor bolts, beam to beam and beam to column fixtures, and design of the welds. The most important results of the use of Soole Pardaz are:

Improvement of the level of safety of the portal frame designs due to the reduction of the likelihood of error and precision in computations.

Completeness of the plan for execution and the quality of the plan making the execution of the portal frame conform to the plan (Soole Pardaz presents the plans for workshop cutting, main beam, and also the columns).  

Maximum economy and prevention of the loss of materials and natural resources (steel, concrete, etc.) and cheaper construction of industrial structures

Soole Pardaz Software is used for the design of one- and two-bay portal frames and also lean-to-portal frames. The inputs for this Software are the dimensions of the portal frame, loads acting on the structure, soil specification, crane, and location of the portal frame. In its first step, Soole Pardaz embarks on the design or better to say on the analysis of the bridge and the bearings of the crane and with regard to the dimensions presented by the user, the control of stress and fatigue as well as local buckling are done automatically.

In the second stage, Soole Pardaz starts the production of the portal frame file by the SAP-2000 Software and models the portal frame with precise wind loading, earthquake, crane, dead load and snow and then when the user wants, Soole Pardaz accepts the dimension of the flange, the web, and the column and transfers them to the SAP-2000 Software and presents the results after analysis and design of the structure. After this design, the SAP model is dynamic and by changing the dimensions, and with regard to the change, the model is modified according to the distances among the axes of the members. For example, if the width of the column web changes at the bottom, the Software modifies the bay according to the new axis and more important than that is the distance of the eccentricity of the load from the crane relative to the axis of the column that with each change in the dimensions, the column web should also be modified; this job is automatically performed by Soole Pardaz. 

Another specification of the modification plan is a case such as the percentage of the beam and column haunch, etc. based on the reduction of the scarp which is performed intelligently. After the fixation of the dimensions of the members and their response, the plan embarks on the extraction of the internal forces and the portal frame supportive reactions and by using them, it starts designing the foundations and fixtures of the beam to beam, beam to column, base plates to braces, purlins, local buckling control, design of portal lintel, and wind columns, etc. and prepares the computation booklet for print.    

Of other choices provided for the user is the production of the foundation model of the portal frame which is done by the production of f2K File to feed it into the “Safe” program.

Also, estimation of the total weight of the portal frame, presentation of the breakdown table for the steel parts, the volume of the consumed concrete, the weight of the main reinforcements and the ties, as well as cost estimation for the execution of the portal frame are all the output of Soole Pardaz.

Since it is sometimes required to present the portal frame model in a 3-D image, this Software presents it by a click. Finally, this program also plots simple plans, foundation plan, ceiling plan, view of the bracings, portal frame main view, plans for the construction of the beams and columns, plan and view of the crane bridge, and the view and cross-section of the crane bearings, etc. in full detail.


The application has been registered in the High Council of Informatics. 



سوله پرداز



Some frequently asked questions:

-Is it possible to edit Soolepardaz drawing?
-Yes, the drawings are prepared in AutoCAD and the user can even change the title and logo of the drawings.


-Is the calculation provided by the software defensible and approved by the relevant organizations like engineering system?

-Yes, all the designing procedures of the software are in accordance with the valid and updated international regulations such as Iran steel regulations, concrete regulations – regulations, and Iran loading regulations. And the original file of metal structure is delivered under the accredited program SAP2000.


-Can we EXPORT the metal structure to the software already modeled in SAP so as to draw a drawing of it? ---No. the software must create its own SAP file. The user can introduced the dimensions of the intended metal structure to Soolepardaz and proceed to draw the drawings.


سوله پرداز