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Soolepardz units

Design and calculation Department

Having the advantage of experienced engineers, the department designs and calculates dozens of development projects (steel structures) every month. The engineers of the department have the necessary expertise and most of them are Soolepardaz users. For the same reason, the speed of the department operations and calculation has significantly increased so much that it is less surpassed in daily designing and computing several projects.

It is a central policy of Soolepardaz group to ensure the customer and users’ satisfaction of its software products. Therefore, much effort is always made to use the most professional and efficient human resources for the delivery of new services as expected by customers and users. Moreover, human resources have always been considered as the most basic and important asset and there has been created an environment where employees can achieve their expected development and flourishing through creativity and innovation while giving service to users.


Monitoring and Performance Department

By implementing hundreds of projects across the country, the monitoring and performance department has proved its capabilities by implementation of steel and industrial structures, and by providing an optimal quality and through compliance with all the rules and regulations, it has ensured the satisfaction of its customers.

The group operates through four construction departments specialized in different areas including structure and trussed structures, special metal structures, power generation and oil equipment, building metal panels, construction department, and implementation of space- structures.


Research and Development Department

Since2006now, the research and development department has focused on designing structure. And in May 2006, it delivered the first version of the Soolepardaz. Having many years of experience in designing industrial structures, the Group has always been operating as a leading complex in this field. Especially after the introduction of Soolepardaz, there was an increased interaction with other manufacturers and operating companies (both private and public) and this complex intends to start another software project upon completing the Soolepardaz project, and in this direction, the ideas of other individuals and companies are welcome.

Among other software projects of the group is the creation and launch of online designing services on the Group’s Website. Designing is done by the Metal structure optimization intelligent engine online. This intelligent engine is the first ever designed in the world and is the fruit of 8 years of Metal structure designing experience across Iran.

The department also designs and implements knowledge management strategies in the complex,creates a knowledge repository and a proper form of knowledge distribution, pools individual knowledge and delivers it in the form of a centralized organization, and plans for the development and supply of the organization’s new knowledge to the market.

R & D department also intends to develop and improve the present software, to study and research for new products, and to perform coding and presentation of new products.


Market Development Department

This department is responsible for identifying target markets and positioning products, management and direction of advertising and marketing to sell products and services (such as software and design and implementation of Metal structure),designation of channels for distribution of goods and services (market coverage, product inventory, transportation, distribution spots), obtaining necessary permits and approvals for products from the respective authorities, coordination and planning of exhibitions and seminars and connection with customers, identifying strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats, analyzing and providing solutions to increase sales, designating brand strategies and customer satisfaction, categorizing customers and effective channels of communication, branding the product and the complex, and promoting them, and finally monitoring of the market and preparing a comprehensive marketing drawing.


Administrative - Financial and Human Resources Department

This department is responsible for setting goals and policies, planning administrative programs, policy-making for personnel issues according to regulations, policy-making for attraction, maintenance, education and improvement of the abilities of staff, empowering employees, designing a personnel evaluation system, supervision over the implementation of administrative activities, performance and optimal utilization of human resources in the complex, preparing technical and specialized reports, creating a connection between CEO and others inside and outside of the complex, and finally carrying out financial affairs.