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Do you know that


  • Soole Pardaz not only designs the crane bearing, but also the crane bridge?   
  • Soole Pardaz intellectual calculates types of bridges, type of the crane seat, the distance between the bridge leading wheels, the weight of the trolley, etc.?
  • Soole Pardaz also considers the effects of fatigue in the design of bridge and the carne bearings?
  • Soole Pardaz automatically computes the loads of the crane acting on the portal frame and applies on the portal frame? 
  • Soole Pardaz can also design the bearings of the crane by SAP-2000?
  • by inserting the dimensions, you can simultaneously observe the results of all the parts of the portal frame only by pressing a key?
  • by any change in the dimensions of the portal frame, Soole Pardaz automatically reports the displacement of the frame under the effect of the wind load on the angle and balance of the crane; it also reports the design problems in the area of local buckling and the number of the members with existing stress ratio to the permitted limit greater than one?
  •  Soole Pardaz automatically performs the design of the wind braces, foundations, wind columns, portal lintel; fixtures of the beam, column, and base plates; foundation dimensions, soil stress control, portal frame tilting control, foundation punch shear, bridge, crane bearing, satisfaction of the local buckling relations, and adequacy of the weld dimension, etc. and presents a computations notebook for all of them?   -

  • Soole Pardaz prepares a 3-D model of your SAP Software by pressing a key?

  •  by activating the waste reduction choice, Soole Pardaz modifies the dimensions of the beam and column in a manner that the least pieces of steel plates are wasted?

  • for single-bay portal frames, Soole Pardaz can start modifying the dimensions of the portal frame intelligently by a click and change the dimensions repeatedly so that the frame does not have any engineering problem and at the same time it is economic?

  •  after the portal frame is modeled, Soole Pardaz computes the precise weight of the portal frame, the volume of the concrete for the foundation, the weight of the reinforcements, and even the surface of the required framework and presents the cost for the execution of the project?

  • only by a click, Soole Pardaz plots the complete executive plans for the portal frame including general explanations, general details, the view of the portal frame, details of the wind columns and base plates; view of wind bracings and their details; plans of the main beam, columns, and foundation plan with its details; the details and dimensions of the bridge and the crane bearings with its seat along with the ceiling plan, etc. and sheets them?