The complex members

The members, staff and engineers of the complex are selected from the youth and graduates of the universities in the country, all determined to raise the level of its services to customers and help growth of construction industry in the country.

امید خالدان

(Omid Khaledan (Civil Engineering - CEO


نیما خالدان

(Nima Khaledan (industry expert - the head of human resources and financial


امیر حسین کریمی

(Amir Hossein Karimi (PhD in Civil Engineering-Structure


عماد رئیسیان

(Emad Raeseian (BS Computer Engineering is responsible for the website


امین یراقی

(Amin Yaraghi (Engineering Software - IT Consulting


حسین پاینده خواه

(Hossin Payandeh Khah (Civil Engineering - R & D


رضا بیگدلی

(Reza Bigdeli (administrative unit - financial


مهرداد پورقدیری

(Mehrdad Pour Ghadiri (financial adviser