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Attention of Soolepardaz buyers and respected engineers:

Term sales plan of Soolepardaz

In order to appreciate the current users and following the request of applicants as to their interest in joining Soolepardaz Sepahan users, new terms of sale of the software for two months is as follows:

According to this scheme, it is possible for the esteemed colleagues to purchase the full software pack with Tekla output for a specified-time use. In this scheme, applicants can use the software infixed time-intervals and to extend the duration of its use if required.

Scheme name

Duration of use

Full price with Thekla (in Rials)

Free updating

Duration of free back-up

Number of designs allowed

Number of PCs supported


1 month


1 month

1 month




3 month


3 month

3 month




6 month


6 month

6 month



** When using term projects, the software must be connected to the Internet.

* Full Pack with Tekla, including:

Single-gradient, single-sectional mini-Metal structure, double-sectional mini-Metal structure, arched Metal structure, middle column 


Having the benefit of an experienced staff, Soolepardaz Group has proceeded to implement and encode new uploading regulations of steel and concrete (that are necessary for civil engineers on one hand, and are becoming an imperative for the whole country, on the other). Its version was completed on August 27, 2014. Through this, extra security was provided for constructed metal structures operating in accordance with the regulations and time-consuming manual calculations were cut down.


سوله پرداز









Note that you must sign the contract before taking delivery of the software.

All costs, including transportation costs and packaging costs are the responsibility of the Soolepardaz group.

That price is valid which is quoted in proforma invoice against customer's order.

To place an order for the software non-working hours before 22:00, you can contact 09127993209.